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If you work in SEO or digital marketing, you’ve heard of us; Searchmetrics the leading supplier of search and social analytics software.

I want to tell you a little bit about the latest version of our flagship software, Searchmetrics Suite V6.   We wanted to create something really special so we threw a team of 35 designers and six product managers at the project (equivalent 40.4 man years of development time). In the process we even developed a spin-off search and social analysis product, Searchmetrics Essentials, which many people are already using.

Anyway, Searchmetrics Suite is already well known for bringing together in one place all the useful tools and features that search marketers need to do their job. So what’s changed? Well a whole bunch of stuff actually. Here I’ll outline what I think are some of the most interesting:

  • Analyse Local Rankings

With Searchmetrics V6 you can now analyse results not just for individual countries but also for specific cities. We have already integrated a few top-cities to begin with and will have many more to follow in the coming months. It has been apparent for a while that local search was becoming ever more important as Google has begun to offer increasingly varied results depending on users’ locations. It recognises user locations based on IP addresses and puts local results at the top of its search pages, meaning that it is no longer even necessary to include a location in the search term to trigger these results. Even the regional results in blended search results (and Google Places) are adjusted according to the user’s location

  • Audit Scores and site optimisation

We crawl up to 100,000 pages per week of your domain for any errors, problems – and analyse the SEO potential of the site, giving you a variety of audit scores to measure the performanc of your web site. Then we provide you with detailed lists and recommendations for working with the errors we’ve identified, such as problems with internal linking errors 3xx, 4xx errors and other onpage and off page optimisation issues.

  • Daily Ranking updates

To enable you to react quickly to developments such as algorithm updates or technical errors, you can now specify how frequently you want us to perform ranking checks for you – once or twice weekly or on any working day.

  • Discover more potential from your competitors

What are your competitors doing really well? And what keywords have you not yet discovered? We provide numerous potential analyses for keywords and optimised URLs to show you the way to even more visibility and sales

  • Individual reporting
    Every element in the Searchmetrics Suite can be added to the reporting and dashboard functionality to enable quick easy reporting. So customers can create individual reports and in the future even add additional data such as traffic and conversions which come from external sources.
  • Multi-user project management
    For large teams who collaborate on projects our new user management features let you easily set up accounts and sub-accounts and define user rights.  This helps if you’re running large complex, projects involving lots of users including multi-country campaigns.
  • Individual development
    We have developed the suite with open ports, so we can run individual development to include any data into our software that specific customers need. Traffic data, conversions or anything else can be added.  And if needed we can run individual development to completely white-label our software for your specific requirements.

That’s actually not all. Because we’ve migrated the Searchmetrics Suite onto a completely new technical platform which allows us to develop and introduce new features much faster. After all, search changes so fast these days that we need to be able to move quickly.

We really believe our Searchmetrics Suite is the beginning of a whole new era of SEO tools – we have so many ideas in planning and development. So stay tuned.

Right now, V6 is available to current customers in a preview version. Full availability is planned for late August.

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