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What’s the big deal about semantic HTML?

by Jono Alderson

One of the things that I’m passionate about from an SEO perspective is the idea of constantly aspiring towards technical perfection.

Obviously, this is something of a pipe-dream; there aren’t many real-world, commercial scenarios in which it’s practical, achievable or even sensible to invest in the technical foundations of a website beyond a certain point. Time, budget and resource limitations (and a healthy dose of common sense) will always result in ending up with a finished product that “could have been better” from an SEO perspective – I’m sure that there’s a pretty much unlimited ceiling for the amount of extra bells and whistles we’d­ all like to see included in every project we work on! However, even if you’re in the development phase of a new project (when there’s the maximum flexibility and appetite for technical investment and development), requests and requirements for additional or ‘nice to have’ SEO features and functionality inevitably get pushed down the priority list in the name of pragmatism.

The position, then, that we often find ourselves in is that we need to identify small, tactical changes and improvements to a site which will result in a worthwhile ROI. What’s often missed is that there’s generally a huge amount of opportunity to take the technical platform you’ve already got and to make it work much harder – without requiring significant amounts of extra development, or resulting in you giving up and looking for easy wins off-site or in other areas. Read More »