Sponsor the Event

Sponsorship is available in three different packages and can be tailored to suit your desired goals.

Benefits of sponsorship can include:

  • Your logo on the presentation slides
  • Conference Stand and conference literature
  • Brand Exposure through Event Marketing Emails and Social Media Channels
  • The headline sponsor will get an opening and welcoming speech at the event
  • Interview for the conference Video
  • Complimentary conference tickets
  • Inclusion in Post Event Marketing

We are happy to talk through all the sponsorship packages available. For more information contact Fergus Clawson on 0113 234 3300 or alternatively email our Sponsorship Packages Team

ionSearch sponsors




Media Skunk Works is a cutting edge, new generation service provider built on its reputation of innovation and optimised methodologies. Originally born out of the necessary response to technical disruption.


SPONSOR - Linkdex

Linkdex is UK based and provides unique SEO insights on companies and their competitors. In addition to reporting, Linkdex offers an integrated feature set that helps you do more, show more and share more.


SPONSOR - Search Metrics

Searchmetrics integrated industry leading suite of search analytics and SEO tools has access to over 100 million keywords within one dashboard.


SPONSOR - Analytics SEO

Analytics SEO Software is an automated search engine optimisation (SEO) SaaS platform based in the UK. Research in 2011 showed average campaigns on the platform showed an increase in traffic of over 160% and conversion uplifts of over 85%. USPs include our free lead generation tool for agencies, multi-lingual support, multi-site dashboards and many other powerful features that make the software perfect for managing large volumes of SEO campaigns.

If you want to use one of the world’s most automated SEO platforms, you can do so for free by signing up for one of our Freemium accounts. And, please note, this is a fully working full licence – we don’t suddenly limit your use of the system after a short period of time, or hide features from you or hit you with unexpected charges. Neither is it simply a free trial – it’s free (for life), providing you continue to make use of it.


SPONSOR - Blueclaw

Blueclaw is a UK-based SEO, PPC, Social Media consultancy based in Leeds. Blueclaw E-commerce specialise in search optimised Magento, X-Car sites, as well as  mobile design and development.





State Of Search is one of the leading websites when it comes to search and social media. The website, founded by Bas van den Beld, focusses on the next step in search marketing and social media. The web is changing and so is search.

State of Search covers prides itself on covering events like IonSearch to give full coverage of the sessions throughout the day. Besides the live blogging of sessions, State of Search also talks to speakers and visitors and provides podcasts, video casts and more to give you a full insight on the event.

Stateofsearch.com is a proud Media Partner of the IonSearch conference.





ineedlinks offers a very flexible and friendly service that is tailored to suit you. We will carefully assess the needs of your company to devise a link-building strategy that fits your business model.

We are happy to take on any job, so whether you need one link or 10,000, we can get to work helping your business straight away. We built 900,000 links for very satisfied customers last year and this year we are on course to hit the two million mark. At ineedlinks, we offer a wide range of services, including white label SEO, copywriting, brand protection, brand management and SEO auditing, so whatever you are looking for, we have the professionally skilled staff to provide it.

Please contact us for more information about making link building easy.






rmoov is a backlink removal tool designed to help site owners manage link removal campaigns at scale.

Offering complete flexibility for those tasked with requesting and tracking the removal of external links, rmoov takes care of the details, producing extensive Campaign summary reports and auto-generated Disavow lists.

Agency or private site owner, you choose the level of automation you prefer. Rmoov gives you everything you need to successfully manage recovery from link-based manual penalties and the effects of the Google penguin algorithm.

Use rmoov to Submit link removal requests to webmasters quickly and easily. Ask them to remove problem links from a single URL, multiple URLs or multiple domains.

All you need to get started is a few minutes and a list of link URLs. rmoov will take your URL list, create and send email to each domain owner and notify you when webmasters report that links have been removed. For those domains where a request has been sent but no response received, rmoov follows up with regular reminder emails to the webmaster until your campaign comes to an end.





Released in 2010, the Link Research Tools are so far the only crawling tool that provides qualified link data in real time from over 22 sources. The toolkit supports a broad scope in SEO analysis from quick backlink checks to very deep competitive landscape or link prospect research. Customized reports are created based on your keyword, topic and language. Owing to the fast processing speed, the Link Research Tools are the tools that many top SEO professionals swear on.





Trusted Proxies Provides Geo-Specific Highly Anonymous Enterprise Class Private Proxy Servers. And by  using multiple Proxy Servers in parallel you can use your search engine ranking software can execute multiple queries simultaneously, without the search engine realising those queries are all coming from you. This in turn prevents your IP address from being blocked and speeds up the process of reporting.




ResponseTap  provides a range of comprehensive visitor level call tracking and call analytics for businesses, agencies and the affiliate market.ResponseTap technologies use an advanced proprietary solution to track exactly what each visitor is doing on your website and when they pick up the phone to call you. We are able to provide full reports on the exact visitor path, including what the visitor did on your website before, during and after the phone call. With this level of tracking ResponseTap can also report on every keyword, advert, referring website and click that motivates your website visitor to pick up the phone to call you. What’s more, it will do most of this automatically after a short 15 minute setup.





BuzzStream for Link Building is the CRM for link building and digital PR.  Used by CheapFlights, SEOGadget, Distilled,  BlueGlass, Bankrate, 2U, HomeAway, SEER Interactive, and more, BuzzStream helps SEO organizations conduct efficient and effective link outreach. BuzzStream takes care of the time-sucking parts of link building – like recording metrics, gathering contact information, record keeping, and more – so you can focus on the parts that matter: real relationship building and marketing.  With BuzzStream, your team can spend their time building links, not building spreadsheets.


ionSearch media partner



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