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ionSearch: The Journey So Far & What To Expect Next

On Wednesday 18th April 2012, the Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds held the very first ionSearch marketing conference. A daylong event, ionSearch hosted some of the most important and prominent SEO names in the United Kingdom. Organised by Blueclaw Media, businesses and enterprises from all over the United Kingdom and Europe attended the packed out event, all of which were able to go home with masses of takeaway information to feast on.

Whereas many conferences consist of a one room event, delegates at ionSearch were treated to a host of opportunity from attending lectures in the main auditorium, to listening to talks in the Expert Panels Suite and experiencing the newest and most fascinating technology available in the Search Tools Suite.

If you were unlucky enough to miss out on the event, or simply found yourself in another room, summaries of the talks are available with slides and key takeaways. To add to this, throughout the day, the Carriageworks also played host to a production company who filmed each talk that took place.

The great news is that each of these videos are now live on our site! Featuring prominent speakers such as Danny Gray of Google, Lee Odden from Toprank Online and Ralph ‘Fantomaster’ Tegtmeier, they are absolutely free of charge and can be viewed at your leisure.

As for the future of ionSearch, next year’s event is taking place on the 17th & 18th of April, so be sure to get your ticket as they are released to avoid disappointment! Until then, ionSearch will be acting as your portal for search marketing news, guest blogs and articles from professionals across our industry.

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