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ionSearch Summaries: Turning Black into White: Automatic Content Generation For SEO and Social Network Marketing

Ralph Tegtmeier - Turning Black Into White: Automatic Content Generation For SEO And Social Network Marketing

Ralph Tegtmeier aka fantomaster gives his speech about ‘Turning Black Into White: Automatic Content Generation For SEO And Social Network Marketing’ in the Main Auditorium at ionSearch

Session Speaker

Ralph Tegtmeier aka fantomaster

Room: Main Auditorium
Time: 13:30 – 14:10

Session Summary

  • Blackhat SEO is basically finding loopholes within the algorithm to gain positive rankings.
  • In certain niches for example the gambling sector if you don’t use blackhat SEO you will find it incredibly hard to rank for certain terms.
  • Content can be changed and scaled to make it look more natural.
  • No text is the same as another with different length articles, different structures for example amount of paragraphs within the automated content.
  • The content generated is copyscape proof with it working out at about 90p per article, considerably less than normal content generation.
  • This sort of technique would be good for blogs an hub sites as the website would be kept up to date with cheap but unique content.
  • The content is unique on each article along with a unique title therefore this content strategy is helpful for some SEO campaigns.
  • The content is not set to a certain niche and therefore can be useful across all clients.
  • The original post that will be spun needs to have correct grammar and spelling as a simple error could be replicated across thousands of articles.

Session Slides

Ralph Tegtmeier – Turning Black into White – ionSearch 2012

Key Points

From this talk I gained alot of insight into creating large amounts of content in a natural manner quickly. Some of the key points within this presentation were:

  • The fact that all content generated is unique, containing a different structure and length is a vital aspect as it makes this content strategy feasible.
  • The content can be used for all clients as the content can be used for all niches.
  • The cost of rolling out content is considerably cheaper using this method and therefore can be highly beneficial for large scale content generation.

Session Tweets

@ pretty simple, clear and true about blackhat and whitehat SEO. Enjoyable! #ionSearch
Malika Sharma
@ giving some frank, insightful and entertaining answers to crowd questions! At #IonSearch
georgia halston
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