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ionSearch Summaries: Linkdex

Linkdex Speaker - Matt Roberts

Latest version of Linkdex- An integrated SEO tool that helps in identifying and quantifying the size of natural search and fetching more value was discussed in the SEO tools suite at ionSearch 2012.

Session Speaker:

Matt Roberts – VP of Product Linkdex

Google+ - Twitter

Company: Linkdex

Room: SEO Tools Suite

Time: 09:55 – 10:40

Session Summary:

Matt Roberts discussed how companies and agencies can use the latest version of Linkdex to get the best value from natural search. Various new features were discussed that can help companies to get the right rankings. Some of the new features included information about hacking with canonical tags, notifications of all the recorded issues and functions of new site crawler. He talked about some platform highlights like conversion of data to PDF, link analysis using Majestic SEO, link placement, analysis of domains, own algorithm and page factors and page velocity. Some of the less obvious features were also revealed. One of them is about how you can find popular content on the web and your competitors’ websites. Also mentioned the trending content optimisation and feature that allows you to find link and website prospects. Not to forget the universal search feature and collection of all published popular data about a specific search term.

Key Points:

Link type, placement, quality and anchor analysis

Detailed competitor analysis and comparison

Many Reporting dashboards

Easy and quick

Ranking, traffic and value feature allows to check average cost of clicks

Conversion to PDFs

Informs about hacking with canonical tags on your website

Universal search and link prospecting

Trending content optimisation

Own algorithm and page factors

Page velocity and link analysis using Majestic SEO

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Just seen what @ are doing superb give it a try! #ionsearch
Andy Kinsey

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