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ionSearch Summaries: Google Plus With Danny Gray

Danny Gray Google + Speech
Google + And Search With Danny Gray

Session Speaker

Danny Gray, Agency Sales Manager at Google

Connect with Danny: Google +

Twitter: @dannygray

Company: Google

Room: Main Auditorium

Time: 15:30-16:10

Session Summary

Danny gave a fantastic presentation on the best way to use Google Plus and how it is central to Google’s strategy moving forward. He explained that Google wanted to make sharing online more like sharing in real life and the way business should use this is by finding the most relevant conversations and making the most relevant connections. He supplied us with some great facts and figures, like 77% of brand content is created by consumers, and said Google Plus would help us build relationships with the world’s largest audience. Danny provided us with a quick demo of Google Plus’ features including an entertaining “hangout” with one of his colleagues and informed us how we can connect all our plus one buttons across the web to spread content and brand awareness.

Session Slides

Coming soon!

Key Points

  • Create your Google Plus page
  • Add your Google Plus buttons across the web
  • Enable social extensions
  • 5-10% CTR uplift using Google Plus

Session Tweets

Live google hangout with props and the google lads. #ionsearch
Matthew Shaw

Next up, a presentation on Google+ by Google at #ionsearch, should be good. Maybe some secrets revealed?!
Mark Williams

Session Photos

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