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ionSearch 2012 videos: Tom Anthony – How Authorship & Google+ Will Affect Linkbuilding

Session Summary

Tom Anthony’s in-depth discussion of Google’s changing relationship with links.  This session explored Google’s latest attempt to move away from links as the key aspect of their ranking algorithm, the rise of social shares and authorship. Included discussion on the potential for further changes over the next 12 months, the possible benefits to Google+ and tools for helping SEOers to understand and harness the strength of these new metrics.

Key Points

  • It will be important to either track the trusted authors in your niche or become one yourself.
  • Give equal focus to WHO is providing your links, not merely WHERE.
  • How does the devaluing of link quantity leave sites open to attack by negative SEO.

See a summary, slides and key takeaways from this session here or go back to the main video page for more of ionSearch 2012.

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