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ionSearch 2012 videos: Nick Garner & James Daly – Unibet & Google+

Session Summaries

  • Over the past couple of years Google has seen extreme growth in revenue.
  • More people are advertising on Google and therefore less money is coming from the natural rankings.
  • Information websites tend to be easier to rank whereas commercial websites tend to be a lot more difficult as the market is more competitive.
  • For commercial websites to gain positive rankings sometimes blackhat is necessary to get the required rankings.
  • If online PR is cleverly written then it can manipulate the consumer.
  • Google is now becoming an ad engine. This is shown by the large increase in revenue over the past couple of years from Google.
  • When a user is logged into Google it shows all the Plus 1′s which have been done by people in your circles on Google+.
  • When searching the web with a logged in account, Google tends to bring up relevant pages which have been Plus one’d. Therefore having a large following can be highly beneficial to gain more traffic.
  • Unibet offers different circles for the different sports that people can gamble on. This then allows users to gain information about what they are actually interested in. Customers then don’t get spammed with information of no interest to them, therefore keeping customers happy.
  • For the cover photo having pictures which are relevant and unique to the brand allows for customers to associate this to the brand.
  • Google Plus hangout allows people within your circle to come and join the conversation and offers something different and relevant to the brand.
  • Clever link bait works well when timing it right with competitions, latest news and much more. When timed correctly this content or images can go viral drawing attention to your brand.
  • However Google plus doesn’t offer great returns on rankings. So far Google plus has been a fail.

Key Points

  • Google is now becoming an Ad engine.
  • Information websites tend to be easier to rank for, whereas commercial website can be highly competitive and difficult to rank for key terms.
  • Clever link bait can work really well when timed correctly with key events and competitions.
  • 90% of people trust recommendations from friends.
  • CTR’S up 5-10% from +1′s

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