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ionSearch 2012 videos: Mobile SEO And SoLoMo Panel

Session Summary

A session for those out there who still doubt the importance of mobile SEO rammed with great statistics showing the markets still untapped potential as well as some best practices, interesting insights on the question of where a tablet fits into a world going mobile and App SEO.

Mobile Is Booming And Who’s On Top

• Tablets could overtake mobiles for search
• Mobile Search is still rapidly growing and is predicted to have a market share 7X larger than it does now.
• Most people are at home when using their mobiles to browse the web
• Symbian still have the largest share, but it is declining and Apple will soon overtake. Android is fractured in terms of versions and as such will cause issues for developers.
• Add Mobile and Tablet search together and Apple wins.
• The UK is the biggest mobile search market in Europe
• But, we don’t really get QR codes only 12% of smartphone users have ever scanned one.
• Mobile Social is booming

Search Tactics For Mobile

• Be “Predictive” with Keyword targets and think like a user
• Location is more important
• Use a single URL with stylesheets instead of using subdomains
• If you do want to use the subdomain approach GET YOUR CANONICALS AND REDIRECTS RIGHT!
• No Flash
• Build mobile site maps


• Apple users buy the most apps
• Apple users have downloaded 25 BILLION apps
• IPAD generates more revenue than Android in app sales
• China is the biggest market for free apps
• App stores are rudimentary in terms of optimisation
• Getting more downloads and using the right keywords is important
• Using paid advertising can increase downloads and help you rank on the app stores
• Try to use the keywords in the developer name
• Use a free app to promote a premium version

See a full summary, slides and key takeaways from this session here or go back to the main video page for more of ionSearch 2012.

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