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ionSearch 2012 videos: Killer Keyword Research Panel

Session Summary

This session offered delegates an innovative summary of keyword research that discussed imperative tools used within the industry and what they meant to the art of research an SEO campaign. An interesting discussion with some brilliant points and tips given throughout the session.

Key Points:

  • Don’t spend too much time doing research.
  • Know the market, how does your product compare to what is out there?
  • Know the terminology though avoid the jargon.
  • Use your brain and keyword tools. Think what the user wants to find out, what is relevant and is the term used competive?
  • Use PPC data to test the water.
  • Consider serps, What does Google think is suitable?
  • Use Google analytics
  • Google say that 1 in 5 queries, they have never seen before. Learn to utilise such traffic.
  • Consider both the concepts and the needs of your product.

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