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ionSearch 2012 videos: Jono Alderson & Roland Dunn – On Semantic HTML & Searchbots

Session Summary

This session was split into two talks; the first covering semantic HTML and the second looking in depth at search bots and the way they spend their time on sites.

Semantic HTML – Jono Alderson

  • Squeeze all the value you can from your HTML mark-up, be anal about it.
  • There are different HTML tags for different purposes.
  • Tags such as <cite> are effectively the grammar of HTML.
  • Semantic HTML works well when applied to ‘stuff’, however it is difficult to apply to concepts.
  • Adding Semantic code to recipes has increased click through rates by up to 30%.

Search Bots – Roland Dunn

  • Webserver log files are the best way to determine whether or not bots find everything.
  • This data can be used to compare what Google looks at with the results served.
  • The data shows that Google bot gets lost, obsessed and distracted.
  • Dunn suggests that Google bot spends its time in areas of sites that users aren’t visiting. Therefore, bots do not necessarily use their time cost effectively across sites.
  • Views the Google bot as a distracted teenager: smart, hardworking but often off topic.

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