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ionSearch 2012 videos: Dave Snyder – Content Marketing in the Post-Panda World

Session Summary

Dave gave a frank and enjoyable discussion of how the Panda update has changed the world of online content.  The changes have meant that SEO’ers have to be incredibly careful about the quality of content, where it is being placed and how it is being marketed, since the update was released on 24th February 2011 in the US.  Google now have even stricter guidelines on over optimisation and content that is ‘overly SEO’.  Dave told us that Google are penalising the saturation of anchor texts, which leads to a trigger being set off, which makes sure you incur a filter on your search terms.  These sneaky new techniques from the Panda update mean the industry needs to take a fresh approach to content creation and link building; SEO now needs to be treated as a craft between art and science.

Key Points

  • Content should include more images and social media
  • Learn what a platform has to offer and what types of content will work best on each one
  • Curation is powerful
  • Create natural mixes by varying your anchor texts, who is sharing your content and where they share it from
  • Google wants QUALITY

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