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ionSearch 2012 videos: Black/Grey/White/Hat SEO: Where Do You Draw The Line?


Perhaps one of the most interesting, funny and most unusual debates of the day. With four of the leading creative SEO minds in the industry, they discussed, debated and argued one of the toughest questions that the industry faces. With a few moral revelations along the way, the video to this Question and Answer session is well worth a watch!

Key Points

  • Should the term ‘black hat’ be criminalised?
  • Black hat hackers are not the same as black hat SEO’s
  • Black hat is a mindset that does not abide by anything for the sake of it.
  • Regardless of how careful a person is, marketing is always risky, regardless of hat colour.
  • Does creativity in black hat SEO generates revenue?
  • Does it matter what colour hat you are if you make the same money?
  • Do Google use black hat tactics?
  • Is Google as a company, the controller of the internet?

Go back to the main video page for more of ionSearch 2012 or see a full summary, slides and key takeaways from this session here.

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