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What LSI means for Link Building

by Owen

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing and has been a hot topic for the past couple of months. An update in February from Google which focussed on this saw many webmasters reporting a drop in rankings. More recent updates have also penalised sites which don’t feature enough variation. LSI isn’t all bad though, more than just protecting yourself you can use it to your advantage and gain more relevance for your pages.

Back in January Blueclaw put a post on their blog entitled “Is your SEO Company Damaging your Backlink Profile? Tips for 2012”. This went through the top ways in which SEO’s were likely to accidentally damage their rankings. They were bang on the money when they listed the number one danger as over optimising backlinks:

“1. Anchor Text – Don’t JUST focus on the money terms. If you constantly use the same anchor text you will get burnt, it’s just a question of when. Instead, build brand, compound and generic links.”

In February Google decided to get serious about LSI, something it had been playing with for years, and as a result many sites suffered which had overly focussed their backlinks and onsite content. This results in a profile focused on a few core terms and not enough related terms. Read More »

Six Must See Sessions at SAScon

by Peter Cobley

SAScon is now a firm favourite among the digital marketing community as a place to listen to some of the industry’s biggest thought leaders and as a place to network and socialise too.

Each year the programme bulges at the seams, packed full of actionable insights, strong points of view and ground breaking announcements.  This year is no different.

In anticipation of the event, I’ve gone through the conference programme and drawn up my short list of six must see speakers and panels.

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